Living Information for Foreign Residents




Resident Registration

A resident card is issued at the airport when entering Japan. All foreign residents are required to register residency within 14 days of finding a place to settle down. To do so, visit the city office with your resident card. After the registration, one shall request a copy of residence certificate. All residents are required to report address change when moving in to Hachioji from another city, ward, town or village, moving within the city and moving out of the city.
Visit the Civic Affairs Section (City Office Grand Floor) or the14 branch offices to register/report. Please inquire individual facilities for their opening hours.

*The resident registration requirements do not apply to temporary visitors and short-term visa (3 months or less) holders.

  • Civic Affairs Section TEL 042-620-7232/FAX 042-626-2381

Living Information for Foreign Residents

Council of Local Authorities for International Relations Incorporated Foundation provides information on daily life in Japan for foreign residents in multiple languages on their website.

Click the links below to visit their website.


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