Terms of Use




Upon using the service

Please register after reviewing the following terms of use.

  1. Hachioji City E-Mailing Service (the “Service”) provides information for those who are interested in Hachioji City as well as those who live, work and study in the city. Everyone who agrees to this Terms of the Service can use it.
  2. The Service is free. However, you shall have applicable device necessary to use the Service and pay all fees and charges incurred through your mobile phone while registering in, changing, suspending the Service and for using e-mail.
  3. We assume no responsibility under any circumstances for the timeliness or failure to deliver e-mail caused by the device or the condition of Internet service provider (such as the restriction of e-mail capacity, the device cut off the power or outside of communication range). In principle, we do not resend the e-mail. In addition, we cannot and will not be liable for any errors relating to the delivery of e-mail.
  4. The information is provided in English only.
  5. The Service may be discontinued temporarily or permanently without notice under certain circumstances below. We shall not be liable to you for any suspension or termination of the Service. Cause for such termination shall include 1) maintenance of computer or network, 2) unexpected technical problems, 3) having difficulty in continuing the Service as a natural or human-made disaster occurred, 4) any other rational cause to suspend or terminate the Service.
  6. We try to provide precise information paying very careful attention. However, we shall not be responsible or liable for any uncertainty of information caused by its urgency or changeability.
  7. We may immediately terminate the registration without prior notice in case of the successive failure to send e-mail or any unauthorized use of the Service. Please check the number of e-mails you have and the capacity of mailbox on your mobile phone.
  8. For virus prevention, we do not send e-mail with attached file.
  9. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to take procedures of registration/modification/suspension of the Service. Hachioji City maintains the registered date and do not use it for any other purpose except for the Service. We will not provide it for any third party without your permission. We may, however, use the registered information as statistical date to improve the content of the Service.
  10. Please refrain from inquiring about the content of the Service by e-mail after you receive it.
  11. According to the timing of registration, modification and termination of the Service, the process may be delayed.
  12. When there happens some delay on networks connected to the Service, the information may be emailed at night or at early morning regardless of its urgency.
  13. It is prohibited to quote, transmit, reproduce, upload or publish any content of the information without our permission and infringing any patent or copyright.
  14. Please refrain from sending a reply to the Service. You may send a message from Hachioji City Official Website.
  15. As the registration for the Service is automatically updated every year, you do not need to update your registration. If you prefer not to receive our e-mail, please take procedure to suspend the Service following the designated process.


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